Public procurement made simple

Trying to change public procurement, Cimple pursues transparency and trust and tries to help buyers finding the best deals and suppliers to find the right opportunities.



Project Areas



Technical Highlights

Admin Back-office



Several MVPs

The UK e-procurement sector is one of the biggest in Europe making it a very complex system. Cimple's goal was to increase the trust and transparency for buyers and suppliers by simplifying the current established processes for goods and services.

The biggest challenge for Cimple was to develop 4 differerent products, each one with, roughly, a timeframe of 4 months. For this to work, Coletiv worked closely with Cimple’s team and through Design Sprints and workshops we were able to launch the MVP in September 2019 (Cimple Compare and Cimple Marketplace - both started in June 2019).

The Solution

How We Helped Cimple Define Its Core

Working in line with Cimple’s team, we split the project into 4 different products:

- Cimple Compare (platform to compare prices)

- Cimple Marketplace (platform to buy goods)

- Cimple Finder (platform to list and publish opportunities and tenders)

- Cimple Admin Back-Office (platform to manage Cimple Compare and Cimple Marketplace)

This division and key research into available government APIs and available e-commerce/e-catalogue services allowed us to tackle the entire e-procurement sector of the United Kingdom and to specialise each feature as their own product.

Cimple Branding - Cimple - Coletiv Studio

The Product

What We Delivered

Several meetings between Cimple and Coletiv in Porto and London allowed everybody to be on top of the entire project. With that, the entire process was easy to follow and allowed us to deliver each product with the requested features.

Cimple Marketplace - the system integrates directly with suppliers ERP (Prima Software) and the backoffice allows to manage all the goods on the platform.

Cimple Compare - the system is fetching catalogue data from multiple external sources (including pictures) and importing them into the system.

Cimple Finder - the system is using multiple third party sources from the United Kingdom Government (Companies House & Contracts Finder), processing the data, curing it and displaying in an easy and accessible way to the customers.

Compare, Marketplace and Finder - Cimple - Coletiv Studio
Categories Page - Cimple- Coletiv Studio

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Final Result

Three Cimple Products

Each of the products has been built over the course of 4 months: Martketplace and Compare from June 2019 to September 2019, and Finder from February 2020 to April 2020. We’re now currently on the second phase of the products.

Cimple project shows us that is possible to deliver a viable product by simply focusing on its core attributes and by splitting its functionality into different elements. By building an MVP (or, in this case, several ones) we can start assessing the market with real users and understand the real demands on-site.


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