Web Development

Users love web solutions as there’s no need to install anything. We’ll help you build yours.

High Quality Code

Our development team works together with experienced designers to deliver the highest quality products and websites ensuring a beautiful, performant, and overall enjoyable experience for your users.

Fast Development

React allows our web developers to build your website or application more effectively, through reusable components and rich interactions. This means less time and better results.

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Our Approach

Custom Development

Constant Collaboration

You will work together with a team of expert frontend and backend developers, designers and project managers to build a product that is completely tailored to your needs.

Full Development Cycle

We not only provide high-quality web development services to design and code your website or application, but also assist you on every step of the product development cycle.

Fast Delivery

Our development team follows best development practices and Agile principles to ensure your website or application is delivered fast.

User Friendly


Through constant user research and high-quality coding, our designers and web developers focus on building a digital product that solves the user’s needs and goals.

Great Performance

Our development team will ensure your product is in its best performance for the user, taking advantage of advanced testing tools and expert analysis.

Iterative Approach

Supported by user tests and real data, our web development team follows an iterative approach to design based on building, measuring and learning.

Quality Assurance

Safe and Stable

Our experienced QA team will ensure your code is up to the highest standards regarding security and stability.

Continuous Testing

Proper testing is essential to any great product. With that said, our expert web development team will perform manual and automated tests.

High Standards

Expect the highest-quality project as our development process is strict and includes code reviews, tests, continuous integration and delivery.

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With Flutter we craft beautiful native applications for Web, Android and iOS in no time, through one single codebase making sure your application has a native-looking interface whether for Android or iOS devices.

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Elixir / Phoenix

Coletiv developers fell in love with the beautiful syntax and productive tooling of Elixir. Great for building fault-tolerant systems, Elixir is not only fast, but also gives the team a productivity boost.

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Why Coletiv?

Our team is passionate about web development technologies and will provide you with a high-quality website or application that users will absolutely love. We will guide you through all the process and provide all the know-how you need to continue to grow your product.

Web Development Expertise

We are a team of web developers with years of experience and expertise in technologies such as React, Javascript and AWS.

Speed to Market

Our dedicated team not only focuses on crafting high-quality websites and applications but also on fast delivery and speed to market, using the Agile development approach.

Flawless Front-End

All the visual aspects of your website or application will be in the good hands of our developers and designers. Expect a pixel-perfect and flawless experience for your users.

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