UX & UI Design

Our approach to UX and UI design puts your users at the center. We craft digital products with usable yet pixel-perfect experiences.

Engaging User Experiences

Our UI & UX design team will ensure that the visual aspects of your product are beautiful and impactful for the users. We craft experiences that target the user’s goals and accomplishments, resulting in engaging and desirable experiences

User-Centered Approach

Business goals often don’t match with the users needs. We’ll help you identify a product strategy that aligns both. Our team of experienced UX and UI designers will share all the knowledge and strategic insight you need to create a successful product that users will love.

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Our Approach


User Research

In order to deliver the best user experience, we conduct valuable research to help you discover your customer’s real expectations and reactions towards your product. We’ll select a research method that is adjusted to your needs.

Usability Testing

Our team of UX designers conducts usability testing sessions in order to make improvements and make sure you have a successful product. We’ll start by defining your product’s KPIs and gather user feedback through one-on-one sessions.

Measurable KPIs

Once we set all the goals at the beginning of the UX process, our team will establish clear Key Performance Indicators that will guide us towards better research, analysis and usability testing.

User-Centered Experiences

Solving Problems

Above everything else, we focus on solving the user’s problems. Our experienced UX design team will craft experiences that help achieve goals, convincing users to come back. We see UX as flows and not just screens.

Seamless Strategy

Once we have a clearly-defined product strategy with the user’s goals and expectations, our UX designers will make sure it is applied throughout all implementation stages. From research to design and user testing.

Positive Responses

By focusing on the user and targeting positive responses, we create a more engaging user experience. Our purpose with UX design is to help the user take actions through quick intuitive flows.

Consistent Interfaces

Brand Guidelines

Our UI design process starts by defining color pallets, patterns, fonts, layouts and all the aesthetic and technical aspects of your product. These guidelines allow crafting interfaces that are not only appealing but also consistent.

Strategic Design

Our expert team of UI designers will guide you from strategy to implementation, ensuring your product is successful. We focus on creating strategic designs that prioritize the user’s needs and expectations.

Intuitive Interfaces

We ensure that your product is intuitive and has the ideal visual structure for your users. All your product’s information will be organized and carefully presented at the right place, resulting in a functional easy-to-use interface.

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Our development team works together with experienced designers to deliver the highest quality products and websites ensuring a beautiful, performant, and overall enjoyable experience for your users.

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With Flutter we craft beautiful native applications for Web, Android and iOS in no time, through one single codebase making sure your application has a native-looking interface whether for Android or iOS devices.

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Let’s design something together

Why Coletiv?

We’re a young and innovative team that offers not only beautiful but strategic designs. We’ll take the time to understand your industry, your audience and get to know the story behind your idea in order to craft a successful product.

Real Partnership

You will get to know us and we’ll get to know you. We’ll spend a lot of time together discussing the best strategy for your product and your customers. In the end, we might end up with a great friendship!

Industry Experience

It doesn’t really matter which industry you’re in because we’ve got you covered! Our team has valuable experience in developing and designing applications ranging from industries like security and health to food delivery.

Completely Tailor-made

We’ll be your partners in designing a completely tailor-made product that not only meets your business goals, but also your customer’s expectations. We’ll work with you in every step of the way to develop a product that users will love and need.

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