iOS App Development

We craft high-quality iOS applications that work flawlessly for every user.

High Quality Products

Through a strict and test-driven development process, we ensure your iOS application is up to the market’s standards and works flawlessly on any Apple device.

100% Native and Reliable

We have a talented and dedicated team of developers to help you build high-performance iOS applications, following Apple’s latest technologies and development practices.

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Our Approach

100% Native

No Third-Party Platforms

Coletiv’s development team is focused on creating 100% native iOS applications using only Apple’s tools and frameworks. No third-party platforms involved.

Latest Programming Paradigm

Our developers use Xcode and native programming languages such as Swift to build your application. Also, we always keep an eye on new Apple releases and never miss to try one.

Human Interface Guidelines

Following Apple’s human interface guidelines, we develop iOS applications that integrate seamlessly within the Apple ecosystem, including all platforms and devices.

High Performance

Latest Technologies

Our developers focus on writing code that is clean and flexible. To deliver the best performance we use Swift and Xcode and strive to adopt new technologies.

Reliable and Fast

Swift is Apple's latest programming language. It allows our developers to write safer, more reliable code to create high-quality iOS applications and engaging experiences. In less time.

Flexible and Scalable

Our iOS development team ensures your application is built with future development needs in mind. We write code that can be easily adapted to your goals.


Strict Standards and Processes

When developing an iOS application, we ensure that all stages of the testing process are met. This process involves constant code review, usability testing on various Apple devices, and continuous integration.

Consistent Experiences

We follow this strict development process so that users on any Apple device have the same positive experience. Our applications are built to look and feel the same on any screen size or device.

User-Centered Experiences

Just like usability testing, user research is a core part of our development process. We focus on developing applications that solve user’s needs. In the end, providing positive experiences for all iOS users.

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We build custom Android applications following Google’s recommended architecture practices while using JetPack components. Our Android development team uses Kotlin to deliver high-quality apps with great performance, in no time!

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UX & UI Design

With the experience we earned over the years crafting digital products, we kept iterating our process until we reached the current approach. Our approach to UX and UI design puts users at the center, solving problems and helping achieve goals.

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Why Coletiv for iOS?

Why Coletiv?

The iOS audience is composed of a high-demanding userbase that is passionate about seamless performance. To succeed in this market, not only you will need an expert team in Apple’s programming languages and technologies, but a team that shares that same passion for the Apple experience. We’re the right choice for you.

Future Ready

Our team of iOS developers is experienced and bold enough to try technologies right when they are announced. Although we have a small team, we have all the expertise and knowledge you need to build a successful iOS application.

Endless Collaboration

We can easily involve everyone in brainstorming ideas, discussing best practices and crafting a suitable solution for your needs.

Constant Improvement

We care about improving our code and writing quality software. Using Swift and following strict testing practices allow us to double-check our work and ensure your application is running smoothly.

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