Flutter Development

With Flutter we craft beautiful native applications for Web, Android and iOS in no time, through one single codebase.


Using Google’s Flutter, our development team can build your application for multiple platforms using the same code, being a more cost-effective solution for your business.

Fast Development

Your fully-customized application will be available for millions of Web and Mobile users worldwide, at a much faster and budget-friendly pace.

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Our Approach

Flexible UI

Native Interfaces

Our Flutter developers make sure your application has a native-looking interface whether for Android or iOS devices. Flutter supports Material Design and Cupertino components to make sure your application looks 100% native.

Full Customization

Flutter’s layered and flexible architecture leaves room for any customization you might want in your application. Completely tailor your application to provide beautiful native end-user experiences across multiple devices.

Seamless Feel

Impress users with expressive and high-performance interfaces. Flutter offers a wide range of widgets that allow smooth natural scrolling and platform awareness, meaning that your application will feel seamless no matter which device or platform.

Native Performance

Latest Programming Languages

Using programming languages like Dart, our Flutter developers ensure your application incorporates all crucial platform differences, delivering native performance at all times.


Flutter offers a wide range of widgets that allow incorporating platform differences between Android and iOS including icons, fonts, navigation and scrolling.

High Performance

Flutter compiles your application’s code to a native ARM machine so that the performance is stable and native in all platforms and devices.

Quick Development

Hot Reload

Flutter’s hot reload helps our development team build your application faster. From building UIs and creating features to fixing bugs, all processes are done quickly.


Making changes to your application is a lot faster with Flutter. Our developers are able to alter the code of a particular area, without losing the screen’s current state and data.

Fast Customization

Our Flutter development team can bring your application to life in a matter of minutes, using a wide range of full-customizable widgets.

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UX & UI Design

With the experience we earned over the years crafting digital products, we kept iterating our process until we reached the current approach. Our approach to UX and UI design puts users at the center, solving problems and helping achieve goals.

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Elixir / Phoenix

Coletiv developers fell in love with the beautiful syntax and productive tooling of Elixir. Great for building fault-tolerant systems, Elixir is not only fast, but also gives the team a productivity boost.

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Why Coletiv?

Our team has been a pioneer in using Flutter since the very beginning when it was announced. Our experience with this framework is crucial in creating a reliable and high-quality application that meets your goals and standards.

Market Experience

Since Google announced Flutter a few years ago, our development team has been on top of each update, gaining valuable experience with the framework and Dart programming language.

Reliable Expertise

Being a recent technology, our Flutter developers provide all the expertise and knowledge you need to create an amazing application for Web, iOS and Android.

Quick Delivery

In addition to Flutter being a framework that allows fast programming, our experience and knowledge helps us deliver your project a lot faster.

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