Elixir Backend Development

Great software requires great backend. Our Elixir team builds scalable and maintainable applications, without ever compromising performance.

The Power of Elixir

Coletiv’s backend developers fell in love with the beautiful syntax and productive tooling of Elixir. With Elixir, our backend development team crafts fault-tolerant applications with high-performance, in no time.

Successful Code

Our expert team uses functional programming languages such as Elixir as it allows writing code that is short, fast, and maintainable. Resulting in successful software.

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Elixir at its finest



Using Elixir, our backend developers produce low-latency, scalable apps that are fault-tolerant and distributed. Our team combines functional programming with well-thought architecture, always keeping maintainability and product growth in mind.

Isolated Processes

We can easily have hundreds of thousands of processes running concurrently in the same machine. Isolation allows processes to be garbage collected independently, reducing system-wide pauses, and using all machine resources as efficiently as possible (vertical scaling).

Seamless Communication

Processes are also able to communicate with other processes running on different machines. This provides the foundation for distribution, allowing developers to coordinate work across multiple nodes (horizontal scaling).


Effective Supervision

Error management is made easy with Elixir. Its robust supervision allows processes to watch other processes and act upon failures (restarting, canceling, triggering an alarm, etc).

High Uptime

It’s extremely important to keep your servers up and running. Our backend development team will ensure that users are able to use your application without any server issues.

Strict Tests

Our team produces powerful automated tests to ensure your application’s code, server and security is in its best performance and does not have major errors.


Easy Maintenance

Our backend development team takes advantage of Elixir to write high-quality code that is short, fast and easy to maintain in the long run.

Stable Performance

Coletiv developers write clean, simple and composable functions, which ease maintenance, debugging, testing and refactoring. This means a steady backend performance.

Fast response

Our development team will ensure your servers can provide a fast response time to user’s requests on your application.

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You can count on us

Why Coletiv?

In software, performance and security is everything. That’s why we strive to use trustworthy technologies to create safe and powerful backend systems, ensuring an amazing user experience. Functional programming languages such as Elixir allows our backend development team to innovate and deliver fast backend performance in all applications we build.

Test-driven Process

We follow a strict test-driven process that includes code reviews and continuous integration so that your software is not only well-structured but works smoothly.

Full Product Development

Our team takes care of all the hard work. From UX Design and Project management to Development and Testing, we have your back.

Elixir Expertise

Coletiv developers have contributed to Elixir’s community since day one! Get in touch with backend development experts that follow Elixir & Phoenix latest and best practices.

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