Android App Development

There are around 2.5 billion Android devices. We build impactful applications that run smoothly on each one.

High Quality Products

Using Google’s latest technologies, our Android app development team delivers high-quality products, with seamless integration between frontend and backend.

100% Native and Reliable

Coletiv has all the experience and know-how you need to develop a custom Android application that is 100% native and reliable. We transform your idea into a usable Android product that solves user’s needs.

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Our Approach


Perfectly-Executed Interfaces

Our Android development team transforms pixel-perfect designs into perfectly-executed interfaces that are reliable, user-friendly and fast.

High Performance Workflow

We believe that the user needs to be able to complete tasks quickly. That's why we provide a high-performance workflow that doesn't stutter no matter which device or screen size.

Test-Driven Development

To ensure our Android apps meet the highest standards, we resort to a strict test-driven development process. This process includes continuous integration and delivery, usability testing and code review.


Google's Latest Technologies

Coletiv’s developers are eager to follow Google’s latest technologies and architecture practices, including Material Design guidelines and Android JetPack components.


We currently use Android’s latest programming language, Kotlin, to develop your applications as it’s fast, concise and, most importantly, safe.

Augmented Reality

Our Android team has experience with new technologies such as Augmented Reality to help you build applications for the future.



Using Kotlin, our Android developers ensure that the code is clean, secure and future-proof.

Focusing on Accessibility

We use the market’s most reliable frameworks and libraries to build your application, focusing on accessibility, performance, and security.

Easy to Maintain

We craft Android applications that are easy to customize and maintain in the long run.

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We have a passionate and dedicated development team that crafts 100% native iOS applications using only Apple’s tools and frameworks. No third-party platforms involved. To deliver the best experience, we use Swift and Xcode and strive to adopt Apple’s latest technologies.

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UX & UI Design

With the experience we earned over the years crafting digital products, we kept iterating our process until we reached the current approach. Our approach to UX and UI design puts users at the center, solving problems and helping achieve goals.

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We’ll get the job done

Why Coletiv?

Coletiv is more than just building functional Android applications. We go the extra mile and fully understand performance, security and experience design. Our team holds a deep understanding of Google’s ecosystem, from Material design to Kotlin. Your application will be in amazing hands.

Expert Android Team

Instead of a production-line of developers, you will have a small team of expert Android developers directly involved in the project. This way, we will understand your needs much better, and discuss solutions with you.

You'll Get Involved

Our skill set and innovative culture allow you to be involved in every little detail so you can build an Android application that meets your business goals while having expert guidance.

Developing, Testing and Publishing

Our expert Android team will be responsible for developing, testing and publishing your application on Google Play Store.

Have an app idea? Get in touch with our Android development team today.